CIAP is designed to facilitate industry-faculty/student interactions and knowledge sharing to deliver value to all the stakeholders — your company, students, faculty and the Center.

Benefits of Membership
Key Programs
How to Reach Us

Helen Greiner of iRobot Corp. (Monthly Seminar Series, May 5, 2008). Click here for information and documentation.CiBER Industry Day Gecko Research (April 15, 2008). Click here for information and documentation.

Marc Raibert of Boston Dynamics, Inc. (Monthly Seminar Series, March 3, 2008). Click here for information and documentation.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in the CIAP is open to any firm, regardless of size or location. A financial commitment, offered at three possible levels, provides your company with progressively greater collaboration with the Center’s faculty and students, while the university gains an important funding support mechanism.

Funds raised through CIAP membership will be used to support graduate fellowships, student research programs, lab equipment, and other center priorities.

As a CIAP member, your company has the potential of receiving the following benefits:

  • Improved hiring of highly talented and trained students as interns and full-time employees;
  • Relevant training for existing employees;
  • Improved product development; and
  • Reduced product development cycle times.

In addition, we have a single point of contact, Industry Affiliate Manager, who will facilitate your interactions with the Center.

Your company would receive these benefits as an outcome of participating in the key programs outlined below.

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Key Programs

The programs are designed to facilitate:

  • planned and structured interactions with faculty and students;
  • learning about technology and industry trends from award-winning faculty and industry leaders;
  • receiving early knowledge of inventions and breakthroughs;
  • participation in intellectual exchange at various center events;
  • research arrangements between your company and the Center’s faculty.

Monthly Seminar Series
This monthly series, offered as a benefit at all levels of membership, features a prominent industry speaker and a Center faculty member sharing their insights on an important R&D or industry topic. An excellent forum for networking with potential industry partners, students and faculty. See schedule here.

Industry Advisory Council

Founding Corporate Members of CIAP have a seat on the Center’s Industry Advisory Council, along with key Center faculty. This is an important forum to discuss new research directions.

Special Company/Center Meetings

Offered only at the Founding Corporate Member level, executives of the member company are invited to meet with the Center’s faculty and students to learn about current research that is relevant to their R&D, and share their interest in joint research collaborations. This forum allows a company to discuss their challenges with faculty and students in a non-competitive setting, i.e. your company will be the only company invited to such a meeting.

Annual Retreat

Companies at the Corporate Member and Founding Corporate Member levels would be invited to attend the annual faculty and student retreat. This is an excellent forum to get to know the students and faculty in an off-site location, learn more about their research and participate in discussions about research direction.

Members-only Intranet

Companies at the Corporate Member and Founding Corporate Member levels gain access to a password-protected intranet that provides the latest research abstracts and pre-prints, invitations to special symposia, a student resume bank, and many other valuable features.

Single Point Access to the Center

Members at all levels may contact the Industry Affiliates Manager to address any Center or CIAP related questions. Thus your company does not have to waste its time on effectively and efficiently navigating through the university. It can focus on what you do best – innovate and create value.

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How to Reach Us

For immediate inquiries, write to
For membership-related questions, contact:
Mr. Shail Kumar, Senior Director, External Relations: 510-642-2466

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