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  • CiBER Director Robert Full attends the 2010 Council on Undergraduate Research national conference at Weber State University: “Undergraduate Research as Transformative Practice: Developing Leaders and SOlutions for a Better Society.” Click here for information on CUR and the conference.


  • Thomas Daniel of the University of Washington will be presenting the lecture: A Tale of Two (or Three?) Gyroscopes: Inertial measurement units (IMUs) in flying insects on Thursday, November 5, 2009. Click here for more information.
  • National Science Foundation awards $3.2 million grant to CiBER for Graduate Student fellowships. Click here to find out more and APPLY!
  • ABC Television’s Catalyst series features Bob Full and Ron Fearing in the segment “Robot Biomimicry.” Click here to view this episode online.


  • DragonflyTV Nano features Bob Full and Ron Fearing in “Gecko Feet” segment. Click here to view episode online.
  • The Robots Podcast features an interview with Robert Full. Click here to listen to the complete “Bio-inspired Locomotion” podcast.
  • The California features the Poly-PEDAL Lab and CiBER in “Back to nature: The latest inventions are inspired by the world around us.” To view the article online, please click here.
  • QUEST features the Poly-PEDAL Lab and CiBER in “Bio- Inspiration: Nature as Muse.” To view the episode online, please click here.
  • Three new articles published by ScienceMatters@Berkeley:
        A Crucible for Biological Inspiration
        Running, Swimming, and Flying for Science
      Mother Nature’s Engineering
  • Article on Mark Raibert’s CiBER visit: The Dogged Pursuit of a Practical Robot
  • New Instructional Lab Underway: Mechanics of Organisms Laboratory, IB 135L
  • New Paper Published: Ardian Jusufi, Daniel I. Goldman, Shai Revzen, and Robert J. Full. 2008. Active tails enhance arboreal acrobatics in geckos. PNAS March 18, 2008 vol. 105 no. 11 4215–4219. Media website with additional photos and information available here.


  • 2/06 CiBER is pleased to announce 24 new members from 7 departments across the UC Berkeley campus.
  • 1/06 CiBER hires new staff Technical Director Thomas Libby.


  • 11/05 Director Robert Full has joined the editorial board of the new journal – Biological Inspiration & Biomimetics
  • 10/05 CiBER begins purchase of equipment for THE COMMON LAB
  • 10/05 CiBER attains space in the Valley Life Science Building (1099)
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